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Eat the Frog

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Eat the frog."? Well, if you haven't, this is going to change how you do what you have to do. Even if what you have to do is one of those "things", that requires coffee first.

That's Perfectly fine...

Drink the coffee....

Eat Frogs...

But not real ones, that's just gross....

What is a "Frog"? The frogs will typically fall into one of the following categories:

1. It's something that makes you procrastinate

2. It's the most important task at the moment.

3. It makes you want to quit (your: day/job/friends/family/home/life)

To eat the Frog. The metaphorical frogs are the hard things that you have to take care of. In this fine, fine world of property management, we get lots of frogs. Sometimes, it's a very "froggy day". That's almost why I may at times neglect to tell people that I'm a "Property Manager". Almost 90% of people that I have interacted with have had a negative experience with a Property Manager … more than once. Something like this can ruin the image. Don't worry, I wipe the frog from my face, rinse and move on. No one likes to kiss someone with frog breath anyway.

Nonetheless, I can tell you one very true thing: people who can't stomach a frog, should certainly stay away from this profession.

I'd like to think I'm different though, not millennial different (hahah, jk) but my thought process is different. It's different because I have unique fundamentals that I carry as apart of how I deal with business. One of the fundamentals is... you got it- Eating the Frog.

Sometimes, depending on how long a third party takes, you may have to take the frog out of your mouth, put it in a jar and watch it until you ​​have all your pieces together. A big part of that is following up with these third parties. For me, right now, these third parties are roofers. With the most recent hurricane events that passed through the Carolinas, most of our roofers can't even get to me to get estimates.

In other cases, I have received calls that there are Bats in the attic. I called the appropriate people, in less than 2 hours we had 2 scheduled people to come and estimate. Within 15 hours we had the 2 estimates, 1 approved by the owner and now scheduled.

If there is a difficult task that needs un an undertaking, be the undertaker. If the task is too big, be bigger. If you need a young priest and an old priest- so be it. What ever it takes, don't be salty, there's no need for that in the world; whoever has called on you to take on a task, do it with a smile. If you have to make an important call, or need to discuss an important decision, do it first thing in the morning. Just get it over with.

Its much easier to go on with your day without frogs vying for your attention.

Lastly, if you have 2 frogs, eat the biggest, ugliest one first.

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