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Love What You Do...

Loving what you do, it's an old adage right?

"Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life?"

To this, I'd like to say... Yes, but also NO. Sometimes doing what you love will involve you spinning your wheels a bit to figure out that it is in fact what you love. People around you may even think that you are, in-fact, a bit crazy. That's okay too.

In our line of work, we sacrifice A LOT! The Most successful Real Estate Agents will work EVERY weekend, late nights and countless hours: on the phone, looking at the MLS, searching for your perfect home on off brand sites, setting up appointments, driving around, opening up doors, attending or hosting open houses, chipping away at paperwork, all of this during the times where their family is evolving with their ever present grit and spirit to achieve a great life for them.

With all of that, we MUST love what we do. Real Estate & Property Management go hand-in-hand and are not easy. The better half the the agents that have this as a career are the most joy filled, caring and philanthropic individuals. If you have ever worked with one- please send them some love.

Many people when they are looking to buy or sell a home, likely question if they could buy or sell the home themselves. Do it once, without guidance and you too will wish you had hired an agent. Each state carries it's own burdens and set of documents that a certified Real Estate Agent can provide.

When we boil it all down to the very nitty gritty, we love what we do because we love spending time with you. There is a lot of communication that is passed between clients and their agents, and having someone you enjoy seeing is a HUGE plus.

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