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10 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent When Buying Your Next Home

With the internet all a-buzz with "how to", and more, and more people finding their homes online- why would anyone want to hire a real estate agent?

I have 99 ways to buy a home, and doing it without an agent isn't 1.

Yes, this is where you laugh and remember how witty bloggers are, hit subscribe and wait until I add some more great content :)

Just kidding... Well... Not really. Just kinda. Ha, lets get on with it already.

10 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent When Buying Your Next Home

1. Your search can be very simple or super complex, a Real Estate Agent can help you very quickly

2. Real Estate Agents Know the Market. Why it's very important to hire an agent that is located in the market that you are looking to buy in, and has Access to that MLS.

3. Agents will be able to help you see features in a home that may be a future enhancement or perhaps a hindrance to your enjoyment of the home.

4. Local Real Estate Agents have insight to what matters like: possible resale issues, code violation, or help you find a home that fulfills your intentions, (ie: low maintenance yard, vs high maintenance koi pond).

5. They can help you identify what's going to be important while purchasing a home: maintaining credit, work, no large purchases, etc.

6. Online photos are great, but an Agent can see through some of the matters and advocate what is the best for your offer, when one is put in.

7. A Buyer's Agent is working for you. You are their priority in a Sale.

8. A Real Estate Agent will know how to submit an offer to close on a home, and how to follow up with all the pertinent paper work.

9. When negotiating a deal, an agent will keep you informed as to what to expect and how to prepare for each and every step.

10. It is FREE to a buyer. You pay NOTHING (in most cases) up front. Some firms require a deposit upfront for retaining the services of one of their agents, but this will show your seriousness, if you are. HOWEVER, typically, you will pay nothing up front and the SELLER is the one that pays the commission to the Buyer's & Seller's Agent. Most Commissions will range from 5-7% of the final Sale.

Lets recap... for all that help, a seller will be paying your agent to help close the deal on the home that you purchase. That's really not a bad deal to get a professional opinion on one of the BIGGEST purchases of your life.

Want 10 Reasons to hire a Real Estate Agent when SELLING?

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